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Friday, 19 February 2016

Normal Days #64

The Gambler

Everyone has his or her own vice. And during my last of late 20s years I've found one. I know I'm God and I shouldn't be having one but every now and then I act like a normal human being and fall into the traps of, how do you say it, giving to my desires. Yup that is how they said it during good ol' days.

And I said it with a heavy Texan accent and southern drawl, you know why? Coz baby, I'm going to be the greatest poker player this world has ever seen. Yes! that is my vice. I have been trying to learn poker for a long time now, there was no way as I live in India and work in UAE. In India we have our card games and I don't know anyone who'd teach me. In UAE, I think it is banned, not that I looked for someone. But God Bless the app developers and God Bless those who developed offline app for the same. Now I'm playing poker like crazy.

I don't sleep, I skip meals and to do what to win the next game, to worry about the chips, to buy the cities (FYI I've Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, Fort Stockton and I'm on my way to acquire Wichita), to build my reputation as a poker player. It is not like that it is all bad. Not my reputation, I mean. I do not care about it much. I was talking about the game. I learnt that I can never play real poker as I am not a patient man and someone can rile me very easily to put all my money in the pot. Though I'm trying to keep my cool. I have not won all those cities for nothing. It is good actually to feel this urge to go all in but you hold back coz how will you play if you throw away the money you have now.

I'll get the hang of it and guess what, we can play our own version of strip poker then ;)

What you say? Are you ready to take me all in baby ;)

Luck Be A Lady

(To be Contd..)

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