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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Normal Days #63

First Time

One year has passed since I first saw you. It was a pleasant evening, not very cold, neither stifling heat. It was the perfect evening to meet the perfect girl. There comes a time in a life of every man when he look at a girl and find his heart is no longer his. There I saw you smiling and I suddenly became aware of the sounds which were never there, the softness of your laughter and the way it warmed me till my core. How we touched hands for the first time and how I dreamt it to be in my head.

Too sappy for your taste? Well you know me and how I like it but this is not about any of those things. This is about that moment which I'll always cherish coz that was the time I decided to become yours. I sure didn't do anything to show you that, in fact I did almost opposite but then it is always hard to love me. I can be hard to live with. I don't mean to, but I can be... critical. Sometimes I think I'm just not good for people, that it's not good for them to be around me. I wear 'em down. They... they get unhappy.

 I don't know how to be with you right now, and that scares me. Because if I'm not with you right now, I have this feeling we will get lost out there. It's a big bad world full of twists and turns, and ppl have a way of blinking and missing the moment - the moment that could have changed everything. I don't know what is going on, most of the times I also have no clue about my thoughts and I'm so very confused but I need you. I need you to have faith in me coz I cease to exist if it is not love, complete and unadulterated love.

It is possible that longing for something is better than actually having it. I want to have love.

Love me like you do..

(To be Contd..)

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