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Friday, 21 November 2014

Normal Days #32

Weight of the World

I don't know why but I think whenever I start writing on my blog my thought processes always start when I'm in shower. Strange, right? And when I come out half of my thoughts are just vanished like steam. My thoughts there are running a mile and may be that's the only place I think of the real problems / difficulties. The things which I run away from generally.

Reality always has been a different dimension for me. People I know say pretty words to each other on face and words seem like spilling out like they don't weigh anything. This might be one of the most incoherent write for me as like always I've no idea what's going on around me. Too much is happening and I just wanna sit down lay my head in your lap and feel the warmth of your touch as you run your fingers in my hair. I want you to tell me everything is going to be fine coz I don't have much confidence in myself but your confidence in me is all my power. But if you will look in my eyes, my face cradled in your palms and a sweet kiss there's nothing I won't do.

And I'd no idea here also I'd dream of you. You're always with me, haunting me, captivating me with the memories which are the only thing I've left of you and then there's this yearning which never goes away. And suddenly the weight on my shoulders has nothing to do with the problem of realities. It has always been my made believe world in dreams where you're still with me. I tried to let go of you but I think what I would have if not them? Better to be incomplete than hollow, right?

Bring back me to life

(To be Contd..)


Unknown said...

I've read your last 3 posts. Please know I am always here for you. Lia

sinfulsoulvish said...

Thanks so much Lia, I never saw this until just now :)
I said the same thing
and thanks for always being here for me Lia
I'm so blessed to know you :)
Stay safe you too