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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Normal Days #78

Live Like You Were Dying

Today I wanna write about some scary stuff. It is the most dangerous thing after humans & I do not have much knowledge about it, not because I am ignorant about the magnitude of its graveness, it is more of an Ostrich kind of an attitude. "If I can not see 'em, they can not see me." I know it is not practical or realistic but neither am I. Again, it is not about my attitude towards life & its various problems, it is about CANCER!

Lately I have been hearing / reading this word way too often. I lost my colleague's sister to this disease. One of my other colleague is also fighting a battle against it. There are so many ways everyone thinks to leave this world, to make a difference, to pass on all the knowledge they have to their loved ones but this disease robs so much from everyone. I have known a survivor of this battle and yet I still refuse to acknowledge or give cancer the attention to be that important in my life.

I am scared of this disease.

I have seen it raking havoc on ppl you love. And as I am not a fighter, I do not think I would want to hang around to see ppl who love me, watch me wither away. I would just give up coz I have never been good with ultimatums & threats or someone making me to do things while holding a gun to my head. Cancer is just like that. I am scared of hospitals!

This disease, even when you defeat the crap out of it, never leaves you. Some corner of your heart always have this fear, this nagging doubt whether it is all gone or not. I send a prayer for everyone out there, every single person please never stop living your life. I know there are plans and there are schedules and there are deadlines but never, ever stop experiencing love. Tell your kids, your parents, your florist, your colleagues that you appreciate 'em, their efforts, their patience with you. And even when you can not be nice never forget ppl will forget what you said to 'em but they will never forget how you made 'em feel.


I'm Gonna Love You Through It

(To be Contd..)


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