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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Normal Days #76

Pretty Good Year

So, again, after six months or so, huh.

Yes, I am alive and I am active. It is just a habit of mine I want to shrug off, this habit where I refrain from certain good habits and then it gets too difficult to go back and yet here I am.

So 2017 was a pretty mixed year for me, professionally it was a mixed year but I passed it without any hiatus. On the personal luxury front, well, I do have some good news to share. I do not wanna boast about it but I bought a car, full payment no loans or whatsoever. It is the best feeling. To not to owe anyone. I do still feel some remorse whenever I drive it though. The carbon emission and all. Hence I don't drive much and that is why I have only 2500 KMs on it ( for my metric friendly readers  1550 miles) and it has been 9 months now.

I bought gold also, very b'ful gold earrings. I love gold, call me old fashioned but gold is what makes my eyes shine. Not the craze of diamonds or platinum, it is the luster of gold I crave for. I shall upload the pics of those earrings later it is late right now.

And finally, I bought myself the future of phones, iPhone X. I bought it and I am loving it.

Also on literally level, I am 48% fluent in Spanish. I am learning the b'ful language, maybe to impress you ;)

So if we talk next time and I greet you like hola! Cómo estás?
Don't fall in love with my accent and my broken Espanol.

Te Amo :)

To be Contd..

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