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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Normal Days #73

The Circle of Life

So, 2017, eh? After all that happened last year from Oil crisis, to ISIS getting stronger, for some ppl Mr. Trump got elected, it was, well, to say at least a very happening year.
Resolutions? For me?
Like Calvin said in Calvin & Hobbes: I am perfect the way I am, I don't need the change.

So what now? This year sure brings us some new challenges, new hopes, new dreams to see & live, new destinations to explore, read new books, learn new language, pray, try new dishes and blah, blah, blah you have already read and being advised about.

But I want you to do one of these thing from the above list try to think yourself in a bigger picture. Pls leave your body for a minute, go up there in space and see the situation of this planet and of universe in general. Pls be the responsible person for yourself, plant some trees, there are always lesser trees anway.
Try to talk to animals, it might sound crazy, but they do listen. Try to talk to ocean, the rivers, sky, stars ask 'em what they think of you and then you will know whatever you think of yourself is not relative to that bigger picture. In simple words you, I, this whole human race is nothing. Well we all know it and yet we think of ourselves the ultimate being. So it is about time we do something like that. Like save the environment, the animals, the eco-system.

Too heavy? Well that is why I waited for the festivities of New Year to worn  out first.
See? I did my bit here. C'mon wake up move your lazy ass.

Help yourself coz acc. to Mufasa (Lion King): so we are all connected in the great circle of life.

And most important of all, LOVE. Fall in love with yourself and me too. I'm a lovable person, well I sure think of myself that way, and sing these lines to me

जानती हो हिन्दी में प्यार के कितने अक्षर,
बोल दो मेरी ख़ातिर प्यार के दो ही अक्षर

(How many words of love do you know in Hindi, speak just two words of love for me)

I'm waiting..

My Love..My Love
(To be Contd..)

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