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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Normal Days #71

Can't Win 'em All

Changing..Everything is changing. Around me, concerning me, not concerning me, even I am changing. The question is, is all this change for good?

I do not know. It has been so long, so much has happened and is still happening. Governments have been changed, countries are being pushed, I guess it was always happening I was just being an ostrich about it.

And there is one change which no one talks about, any guesses? Well let me tell it anyway, climate change?

Something is going on and it is worrisome coz no one is talking about it and you know you are in trouble when no one speaks about it anywhere. The normal population attention is not being directed towards this issue so there must be something weird going on. Is there any way to know?

Of course there is. Follow the websites, articles, organizations talking about the climate, the adverse situation and are really, really worried. And when you will go through those you will realize everything else is so trivial in comparison.

So, leave this world a better place when you go for your future generations.

Ain't Nuthin'

(To be Contd..)

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