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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Normal Days #57

You Belong To Me

This song is of Bryan Adams, not the normal classic of the 88. I usually don't mention the artist with my post but I'd do that, well, coz this is Bryan Adams's.

So after the preamble what I want to write is this feeling, this craving to be held and to hold you. To feel your warm soft body snuggling to me as I kiss you all across your shoulder blades. I know I'm kind of kinky and I lust after you too but this time I want to have this innocent moment, your scent engulfing me, sounds you make in your throat while you're asleep, I wanna remember 'em all. I want to feel you smiling up to me and finding me always with love. And I'll love you, like no one has loved you before, like I've never loved anyone before. I want to hide in you, to live in you, to breathe you and look up to you always when I'm lost.

My darling, my sweet beautiful love, let us imagine the world where we are together and I'm coming home to you, our own galaxy, own universe, just you and I falling in love every moment, every time.
You whisper my name and we go around the world exploring everything, every magic together, every dream together. I've always loved you. We've know each other for so long and yet this bond grows stronger with every passing second. I'll always need you.

And after all this there will be times also when I'd need you in an animalistic way. From making love to fuck. To be in so much need that I'd want to ingrain myself in you. To take you on such a high that it'd be heaven. So, feel me in your every pore, feel me tracing my name with yours on your skin. Feel me healing with your love and loving you with more purity, more soulfully, more lovingly.

Love me with all that you're too. Take my hand and take me away from everyone to our secret place and never come back.

Make me dream of you, my love. Let me hold you.

(To be Contd..)

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