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Friday, 22 May 2015

Normal Days #45

Love me like you do

Here I'm amidst the lonely sea and empty skies, counting the days when I'd be home again in arms of my lovely wife.

Yes, this is my first post as a married person, as a husband. To be honest it feels different, not in whole I'm in love kind of different but different as in responsible different. Like I've this person who is all for me and I've to be all for her. Given my past, about which she all knows, she still says "I'll always love you no matter what." And though I know her trust in me is very strong as of now but if I know me, she will find it very hard to love me no matter what. I can pray and wish that I don't so anything stupid to break her heart again.

All I'd was words and when she knew that I've said 'em all to some other girls the only person who matters the most in my life was not happy, she was sad and I hope that she isn't sad anymore coz I'll do anything in my power to make her smile all my life. I know I don't deserve her but then may be there was some good left in me and God decided to give me last chance with the blessings He has been showering on me. I'm in love with my wife not coz I'm supposed to just coz I'm, there is no reason for being in love and she loves me too. Or I like to hope that coz the way I broke her heart with all the antics from my past she has all the right to leave me but then I know she loves me and from now on all my life is for her.

So babe, this is for you, my love for you, coz I know from now on I can never love, never look at anyone else but the most beautiful you.

You can take my breath away

(To be Contd..)

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