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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Normal Days #70

Rap God

Today I am contemplating life, all what I have become, from what I was and what I will be. Also what I will leave behind when I will go after I had played my part, in the play being directed/ supervised/ arranged by God. I have done many bad things in this life, worse also and then there are some of which I am truly ashamed of, but then I always feel like I am seeking redemption for all those things but somehow karma finds me and says "hey buddy, you know who is the boss?"

So, if you find me silent, sitting in a corner, minding my own business and yet fully aware of how pathetic your self made life and goals sound, kindly spare me the self righteous lecture of yours. Coz no matter what I have done and what I will do I am dead sure that I am much closer to God than you ever will be.

In my life there are many things I am proud of, and proud is in the sense of I think I am the best and it is all coz of me. Let me explain to all you feeble minded ppl.

First of all, I am proud that I am a Brahmin, a Hindu. If someone says that it was God who made me this, well then, why didn't He made you one? You can argue that you are the best and all the crap but then I might ignore you coz you just can't see the bigger picture here.

Don't worry most of the normal human being don't. So smile and keep on living your ridiculously plain life and pretend you are the king or whatever. Like I said I don't give a damn.

Secondly, I am proud of my mums, whom I have not chosen also, God did that for me. And if you know me even a lil bit you would know there can be no other woman on this planet like her. So rest assured there is no trouble that can touch me in this world. Nothing.

Third, I am a very spiritual / religious person. I will not elaborate on that. You can't take that honesty. Neither you have the spine nor you have the balls to handle that much of me.

I can keep on going but I think you get the picture, yes?
And if not well, like I said keep on living most of the population does anyway.


I am the God

Rap God

(To be Contd..)

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